Tisserand Aromatherapy Roll-on - Tisserand (10ml)

An invigorating blend of 100% natural pure essential oils in a pulse point roll-on bottle.  Containing stimulating Coriander, revitalising Lime and uplifting Orange Leaf to give a burst of energy to tired bodies and minds.


Welsh Sunrise Tea - Chantler Teas (80g loose leaf tea)

An energising loose leaf herbal blend with honeybush, orange pieces, ginger and lemongrass.


Lemongrass Crackling Coconut Candle - Kukena Naturals (approx 30 hrs)

Hand poured with 100% natural wax in an ethically sourced and biodegradable mini coconut bowl. Bursting with rich citrus notes, this lemongrass candle will gently detoxify your home with its zesty scent.

Energising Gift Box


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