The perfect gift for daydreamers and moon lovers or anyone who might need a special treat.


Moonage Daydream Facial Toner - Black Palm (100ml)

A Sandalwood facial toner to bring you back down to earth and tighten your pores with its woody notes.  The spray can also be used as a room mist to cleanse the atmosphere.


Tisserand Aromatherapy Roll-on - Tisserand (10ml)

An invigorating blend of 100% natural pure essential oils in a pulse point roll-on bottle.  The scent may vary from that shown in the photograph.


All-in-one Soap - Healing Hands

An all-in-one soap bar to cover all aspects of your bathing rituals. Made with Shea Butter, Oatmeal and Vanilla Essence and wrapped in a biodegradable wrapping.


Peach Moonstone

A Moonstone Crystal.  Each stone is unique in size, shape and colour and comes with an information card. Moonstone is a stone for new beginnings, inner growth and strength. It soothes emotional instability and stress. 


Daydreamer Gift Box


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