The concept of Yin and Yang, represented by the Taijitu symbol, originated in ancient Chinese philosophy. The symbol represents two opposite but complimentary principles which continually give rise to one another. The two parts are equally important and neither is able to exist without the other.

The dark side of the symbol represents Yin, associated with femininity, earth, water, moon and nighttime and is considered cold, soft, calm and still. Meanwhile, the light side represents Yang, associated with masculinity, fire, sky, and daytime and is considered hot, loud, energised and awake.

The concept of Yin and Yang can be applied to our personalities and the way we feel.  Those who feel more energetic, expressive, outgoing, social, alert, warm, active, and motivated are more yang. Those those who feel more cool, relaxed, calm, peaceful, objective, meditative, clear-minded, and insightful are more yin.


The balance of Yin and Yang can be affected by outside influences, such as our jobs, what we do for fun, the people around us and the weather, which could affect how Yin or Yang we are feeling.  Bearing this in mind, it is important to re-balance ourselves with our self-care by incorporating both yin and yang type activities into our self care routines.

In general, yin self care rituals are things that allow you to rest, relax, and unwind and may be the more typical things you think of when you think 'self-care'.  Yin self-care might include getting a massage, taking a long relaxing bath or meditation. These activities can be calming and rejuvenating. In contrast to yin self care, yang self care focuses on activities that restore balance by making you feel energized, invigorated, and inspired. Yang self care might include a Yoga class, going out for a walk or run or cooking an exciting meal for yourself. These activities can be stimulating and revitalising.

Balance is key, so you want to make sure you are doing rituals in your downtime that relax and rejuvenate, but also invigorate and inspire you! We hope you find our boxes inspiring to help support and aid your balance self-care!